So There’s This Town Called De Smet

And it’s in sort of southeastern South Dakota and it’s where Laura Ingalls Wilder grew up when she was a kid. The town is full of old buildings with placards that pair historical details with relevant passages from her books, and there’s a big pageant in the summertime and guided walking tours and the like.

Long-time friends of the blog won’t be surprised that I couldn’t be arsed to give a monkey’s so there are no pictures. For anyone for whom that’s a disappointment

a) you’re probably well advised to stop reading this blog and

b) the books are treacly nonsense written by the daughter and the show was execrable.

But to show I’m not all hard hearted, here’s a road sign to assuage the slight:



  1. And tomorrow you’re going through Walnut Grove, Minnesota, where Wilder also lived and they too have a pageant every summer. You will be full of her by the time you get to New Ulm.

  2. yeah, but would you be man enough to say that to Half-pint’s face!

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