I’ve been remiss in acknowledging the people who have helped us out in the days before I created the RAK category, and since I just got a nice comment from Carla at the Idle Spur in Dayton, MT, here goes.

Thanks to Carla for giving us a pitcher of Arnold Palmer – mix of iced tea and lemonade – on the hot afternoon we sought shelter there back at the end of June.

And thanks also to some public sector folks – two park rangers at Glacier let me back into the park after hearing my story about losing my one-week entry pass (true story!); park rangers are great.

And thanks to Border Patrol Officer Becky who volunteered to refill our water bottles, despite regulations and her male colleague’s complete indifference.

And then there was this kind lady, whose name I’m afraid I’ve forgotten. We were looking for some shade in which to sit and have our lunch when we were in our way to Walla Walla, and I knocked on the door of this delightful farm wife’s house to get her permission to sit under her tree.