Today’s Random Act of Kindness

So it seems that the modal post in this category is going to be people whom we descend upon whilst covered with the dust of the road and seeking water. If it wasn’t so ordinary, it would be like two trackers on horses crossing the west and looking for a cool drink of water from some settler family who has run afoul of the villains doing the dirty work of the big ranching interests and we have to …

Sooo, a bit of a cinematic interlude there.

Anyway, here is a picture of Mark (Jessie, his wife was camera shy but she’s actually the one who filled our water bottles) who lives outside of Dunkirk, MT, on the Hi-Line and from whom we secured some much-needed water for our long ride into Chester.

They also had some delightfully playful dogs that I gave a bit of rousting to.

Thanks Mark and Jessie!


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  1. The Miracle at Dunkirk – another possible title although more sensational and less realistic

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