Refinish = refresh

We went over this morning to check on the wood floors. While they have not yet been fully refinished, they’re looking great. Remember this old shot of the kitchen floor?

Here’s how it looks today:

Here’s the view from the front doorway:

And from the kitchen into the dining room:

The cabinets may come as soon as mid-week next week; guess I better see to ordering the backsplash. Though I’ve got the grain of the cabinet running the wrong way, here is what it will all look like:

Next up – A Farewell to Tangerine?!?



  1. holy moly, there’s wood down there! looks really great!

    • Bring back the tangerine!! Seriously, even without smell-o-vision on my computer, I can totally smell the polyurethane they put down.

  2. wow! looking so fantastic! can’t wait to visit!

  3. i think that is the same as our countertop!

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