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Big Sky Country!

Made it to Montana! New time zone!


Mountain stream!


Crappy video with unknown cameo!

View back into Idaho at the long slow climb to Thompson Pass


Greetings of a sort from Smokey the Bear at the top of Thompson Pass:


Still with me? I can keep this up for a looong time…

Here’s another bit of Montana beauty:


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Off we go

Heading up to Thompson Pass today; going to be a grueling climb but still it’s good training for what is to come…

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Overheard at breakfast

At the Brooks Hotel in Wallace: “we might as well go back to being colonies. We have a king now…. We lost our free country. We’re not free anymore.”

This was said in reference to the Supreme Court ruling on health care by an overweight older guy with labored breathing, etc.

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Wallace, Idaho

Though many of the mines are no longer open, Idaho’s Silver Valley, comprising towns such as Smelterville, Silver Mountain and Wallace, was once the world’s largest producer of silver.

According to one person I talked with “that all changed in 1981 when the EPA came in.” She went on to say that “zinc and lead pay the bills and silver provides the profit.”

Wallace used to be a bustling mining town that was largely rebuilt after a devastating fire in 1910. The town still has a surprising number of hotels and bars and the brick architecture looks great.

Here’s a blurry shot of the moon over Wallace I took after leaving City Lights Pub (recommended):


And here are some shots around the old downtown:




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