Random Acts of Kindness

RAK update

Today’s kind soul was Margie at the General Store in Del Bonita, Alberta. Not only was she delightful to chat with but she offered to fill our water bottles without us even needing to ask.

Thank You!



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Fun New Category!

I’m going to keep a running log of people who have helped us out. I have photos of some but not all thus far. In any case, Thank You!

Jim and Linda (?)
Gave us a ride across the Columbia River at Hood River as bikes are not allowed on the bridge.


Becky (not pictured)

Gave us hot chocolates for free as we huddled in Oakesdale’s grocery store after a ride in the freezing rain through the Palouse (fun fact: I was hoping to get a bowl of hot soup but the town’s only restaurant had closed down after the cook ran off with the owner’s wife).

Roger Koller

Let us fill our water bottles, showed us the short cut to the dam across the Snake River and gave us the combination to the lock on the gate so we didn’t have to lift our bikes over the gate.



Picked us up hitch hiking in the rain trying to get back to the lodge outside of Glacier. She’s a gracious Southerner from Atlanta who was in town for her yearly Fourth of July visit with friends in the area. She even gave me a road beer!


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